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ConservaRoof: North-East Conservatory Roof Replacements

ConservaRoof is a north-east based conservatory roof conversion company with approved fitters all around the country ready to transform your existing conservatory into the warm room you always wanted it to be.

Whatever type of roof your conservatory has, we have a range of upgrade options at affordable prices. We can offer supply only solutions or fully fitted at excellent prices, and with fitters local to you, it won’t take long to make the magic happen.

Fully Fitted in 2 Days

A typical solid roof conversion takes around 2 days installation time, expertly fitted by highly trained specialists.

25 Year Guarantee

All of our roof replacements come with a 25 year guarantee on roof tiles and a 10 year guarantee on fitting.

Save on Energy Bills

Our solid roofs are fully insulated with an incredible u-valve of 0.18W/n2K. Meets current building regulations.

Temperature Regulation

Keeps your conservatory cool in Summer and warm in the Winter with our insulated tiled solid roof.

Beautiful Solid Roof Conservatory
Tiled Conservatory Roof Interior
Orangery Roof Lantern Sky Pod
Orangery Roof Interior
Tiled Roof Conservatory Ideas
Solid Roof Conservatory Interior
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We Only Use Supalite and Extralight Solid Roof Systems

At ConservaRoof we only install the finest quality solid roof conversions using the best products available.
This is why we have chosen the SupaLite and Extralight systems exclusively.

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof System
Supalite Conservatory Roof
ExtraLight Conservatory Solid Roof Tiles
  • 25 year guarantee on tiles with a life expectancy of 50 years
  • Retains warmth in Winter months with a U-Value of 0.18
  • Keeps your conservatory incredibly cool on sunny days
  • Eliminate any leaks previously experienced
  • No rain, wind or wildlife noises
  • Eliminates almost all glare
  • No more cleaning dirty roofs
  • Designed & tested to comply with building regulations